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Rolling Tray

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Light up the night with a glow in the dark rolling tray by FLOWR X FAULKNR 

Built with powerful and bright LED lights that change 7 colors and features a multi-color mode.

Great for rolling in the dark for any occasion with your friends. Includes a built in fast charging lithium battery and USB-c charge cable, so you can enjoy the rolling tray lights for 4-6 hours.

Textured surface for breaking apart your flower.

The LED tray is designed with smooth surface and rounded corners, making it easy to scrape up your flower nugs! Also includes a suede bag that makes it easy to bring your tray along with you. Take it in your car, bike, hike and amaze your friends with the rolling tray's glowing lights!

Without the lights on the tray is solid black.


  • Measurements: 11.5in x 7.5in 
  • USB to USB-C cable included 
  • Faux Suede bag for travel
  • 4-6hr Battery life
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery