Meet Huntr Faulknr


Huntr Faulknr Cosmetics is a cosmetics brand that I personally created with only a dream and determination to create change. I saw a massive gap in the beauty community that everyone knew existed and very few brands bothered to fill. I wanted to create a brand that was dedicated to people of color, smaller influencers, men in makeup and anyone who just loves to play in makeup. A platform to display truly creative artists who are perfect at being themselves and not caring what other people think. I have always had fun playing against the rules creating new and direct ways to change social stigmas and have paid the price as well. As a person of color, I have always had the odds stacked against me and had to work three times as hard to show I am just as capable as anyone else. Many people have wanted me to fail and stay confined in their social standards of who I should be an act. Everything I have and will create for this brand is meant to bend those very rules. It's an amazing feeling to be able to create a cosmetic company that can be the voice for many and reflects that in this brand. I know you enjoy absolutely enjoy my products and constantly be surprised by my brand as I expand and grow.

- Hunter Faulkner